July 23

Welcome To Portland Guide


July 23, 2020

Welcome to Portland. Beautiful Portland, Oregon is one of the most diverse and underrated cities in the nation. Many people who have visited Portland refer to it as an outdoor playground because there are so many fun, exciting, and unexpected outdoor activities to participate in throughout the city. With the towering Mt. Hood as Portland’s backdrop, there is plenty of hiking to do in the mountains. However, hiking is not the only outdoor activity that those who visit Portland will discover. The city of Portland sits on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, which makes it a wonderful destination for those who are interested in river sports and water activities. Aside from climbing mountains and engaging in water sports, Portland is also well known for its numerous parks, scenic bridges, and places to ride bikes.

Oregon, the state in which Portland resides, can often get a bad reputation when it comes to weather. The Pacific Northwest is well known for its dreary, cold, and wet climate. However, that is not always the case. In fact, while rain is a virtual certainty in Portland, many do not realize that summer and winter months stay quite temperate. And as for the rain, once you visit the beautiful city and get to explore, you’ll realize that the precipitation only provides a more breathtaking and scenic backdrop to have your adventures against. Fall is a popular time for travelers to visit Portland. The leaves across Oregon are changing and the crisp air creates a perfect condition for all kinds of activity: whether it be sightseeing indoor or outdoor.

Portland is also well known as one of the most eco-friendly cities in America. Residents and guests alike care about the earth and strive together to create an environment that looks better than when they found it. This attitude amongst locals and Oregonians has cultivated a respect for nature and the earth that not only encourages locals and travelers to explore it but to also take good care of it so the next generation is able to do the same.

Portland is also only a 3-hour drive from Seattle and is worth the road trip. Beyond picturesque hiking and beautiful mountain views, there’s plenty of adventure to be had within the city as well. Portland is well known as a great place to try a delicious beverage. There are three of which they specialize in. Coffee is a big deal in Portland and travelers and locals alike take their coffee seriously. Because it’s such a priority to have an excellent cup of joe in the Pacific Northwest, that means it’s easy to find a unique and hip coffee house to duck into to get out of the rain and sip a cup of something delicious.

However, coffee is not the only thing that Portland is well known for. In fact, the city of Portland is home to sixty, and counting breweries. This staggering number of breweries for one city helps Portland rank among the best craft beer cities in America. So if you’re not a coffee fanatic like the rest of the Pacific Northwest, never fear, there are other beverages for you to enjoy in Portland. Beyond delicious craft beer, and a large selection at that, Portland is also home to a decent amount of local wineries. Because of the higher than average rainfall that Portland experiences, the country around the city serves as an excellent place to plant vineyards and harvest delectable wine. If you’re traveling through Portland, stopping at a well-rated local winery should absolutely be on your list of things to do.

Beautiful and scenic Portland offers the traveler and local alike with many activities and things to do. If you’re interested in staying inside and keeping out of the rain, there are plenty of unique and fun places to visit throughout the city. If the rain doesn’t bother you and you’re looking to spend some time in nature, or even in the city parks exploring, there is lush greenery, mountains, oceans, and breathtaking water features waiting to be explored. Regardless of which activities you settle on, one thing is clear: that people who live in Portland and visit Portland love the city, the culture and all the beauty that surround both.

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